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Campus Security

The Campus Security Office (CSO) has staff on-duty 24 hours a day. The office includes the director of campus security and four full-time officers. Selected students are hired for student patrols during the academic year.

Campus security officers have full authority granted by Green Mountain College to enforce all rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook, which includes state and federal laws covering alcohol and drug use.
CSO also provides the following services:

  • An escort to any member of the college community on the college campus by calling 8911.

  • Lock-out service for students locked out of their rooms and to faculty and staff members locked out of their office.

  • Vehicle lock-out and jump start service.

  • An engraver for students to engrave identification on their bikes or other possessions.

  • CSO reports non-working exterior lights, broken windows, and potential hazards observed during their regular campus patrols. In the event of a serious problem, maintenance personnel are called in.

  • CSO provides timely warnings of any incident that poses a threat to the safety and security of members of the college community. Warnings are reported through e-mail, the GMC Journal, notices posted in common areas, or on the website under crime alert.

All academic buildings, administrative, and athletic facilities are locked in the evenings according to their scheduled use. As a private institution, Green Mountain College reserves the right to limit access to any facility at any time. Individuals not associated with the college by employment, as a student, authorized vendor, or as a guest of an employee or student, may be deemed trespassers.

Reporting Criminal Activity

Most violations of policy are adjudicated through the residence life staff or college judicial board. For more serious crimes, local law enforcement officials are called upon to make arrests. The campus security office has an excellent working relationship with the Vermont State Police and Poultney Town Constable.

All members of the college community are encouraged to report criminal activity. Once a report has been received, the officer-on-duty will investigate to determine what action should be taken. Reports filed with the campus security office are considered confidential and will only be given to an outside agency to assist in a criminal investigation. Copies of theft reports or damage to personal property will be provided to the individual filing the report for insurance purposes. Reports may also be made to appropriate campus life staff including residence assistants, complex coordinators, counseling center staff or dean staff members.

To provide information about criminal activity, call 8911. When calling to report a crime, stay calm and give the dispatcher all the information he or she needs before hanging up.


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