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Test Optional Policy

Green Mountain College does not require the submission of standardized test scores (SAT I and ACT) as a part of the admissions process. Students may choose to submit standardized test scores or they may choose to instead submit the "Insight Portfolio," consisting of three short essay responses (100 words each) and a recent, graded writing sample. Equal consideration and weight is given to both standardized test scores and to the Insight Portfolio; there is no advantage gained by selecting one option or the other.

Some students will still be required to submit standardized test scores to complete their application. The following students must submit either SAT I or ACT scores with their application for admission:

  • All home-schooled students
  • All students receiving a GED in the place of a high school diploma
  • All students attending secondary school outside the United States. International students may also submit the TOEFL in place of the SAT I or ACT

Why did Green Mountain adopt a test optional policy?
Student success at Green Mountain is driven by involvement in the classroom, service to the community, and engagement with our distinguished faculty. Testing is only one measure of success, and often, not the best measure. Our own research and third-party research points to high school GPA as the best indicator of success, especially at colleges focused on active learning.

For applicants who feel that their standardized tests do not reflect their academic ability, we are providing a creative alternative to showcase their attitude towards environmental awareness, community service, leadership and other topics central to our mission as a college.

Will Green Mountain require anything instead of standardized tests?
Yes. If you choose not to submit standardized test scores, you must complete the Insight Portfolio. This includes the submission of a recent, graded writing sample with your teacher's comments. This writing sample will preferably be at least 1,000 words and written within the last two years. Research papers, position papers, literary analysis, and creative writing are all acceptable examples of graded writing samples.

In addition to a graded writing sample, you also must complete three short essay responses (approximately 100 words). You can download the Insight Portfolio here.

Questions about our admissions policies?
Please do not hesitate to contact us. E-mail the Office of Admissions at admiss@greenmtn.edu or call at 1-800-776-6675.

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