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Off-Campus Study

A global perspective in a small corner of the world.
From its beautiful setting in Vermont's countryside, Green Mountain offers an impressive array of programs aimed at fostering a global outlook. Students have access to some of the biggest cities and the most exotic places in the world. Beyond the pure excitement of traveling, these opportunities bring students face-to-face with issues, cultures, and challenges on an international scale.

Our faculty work together to offer courses overseas, in places like Brazil, China, Italy and New Zealand, and we maintain student-exchange programs with the University of Wales-Aberystwyth, Nagoya University in Japan and South Korea's Hannam University. The college also offers Spanish and French-language immersion programs in Argentina and France, and students can receive Green Mountain credit with institutions such as NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), Outward Bound, and Wilderness Education Association courses completed for credit at other schools.

One of our most popular travel opportunities comes through the Eco League, a consortium of five cutting-edge environmentally themed colleges stretching from Maine to Alaska. Students can spend a semester at one of the other four colleges, or participate in a study-abroad program offered by the schools, while paying tuition to and receiving credit from Green Mountain College. So with very little paperwork, and without transferring in or out of other institutions, students have access to travel and study opportunities around the U.S. and the globe.

AVIC Semester Exchange

GMC is one of 14 private undergraduate institutions in Vermont who have agreed to a semester exchange program spearheaded by the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC). The Program is designed to allow a student to experience a different educational environment without leaving the country or facing a language barrier while still enabling them to graduate on time from their home institution. If you have Junior (preferred) or Sophomore class standing, you may apply. An AVIC Semester Exchange Program can broaden personal and educational perspectives and can be used to:

  • Experience new academic cultures
  • Explore new areas of study
  • Learn from different professors
  • Access new courses
  • Try new learning approaches
  • Experience personal growth
  • Live in a different area
  • Become more independent and resourceful
  • There is no extra tuition cost although students must pay any difference in room and board

The other schools currently participating in the AVIC Semester Exchange program are:
-Bennington College
-Burlington College
-Champlain College
-College of St Joseph
-Goddard College
-Landmark College
-Marlboro College
-Middlebury College
-New England Culinary Institute
-Norwich University
-Saint Michael’s College
-Southern Vermont College
-Sterling College

To see the requirements and download the AVIC EXCHANGE APPLICATION at this link: AVIC Exchange Application


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