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At Green Mountain College we believe that a liberal arts education ought to respond to the most pressing problems of the times. The effects of a globalizing economy, rapid population growth, changing land use patterns and surging technological development are transforming almost every profession and creating complex social, economic and ecological problems.

A GMC education develops in students the skills they need to tackle these issues: Students learn how to synthesize ideas, make intellectual connections and better understand the complex relationships between human and natural systems. At the end of their undergraduate careers, GMC students are able to articulate a positive vision for a just and sustainable society, and they have the skills and knowledge they need to help make that vision a reality at the personal, local and global levels.

Close-Knit Community
GMC's close-knit community creates ample opportunity for an education that goes beyond the classroom. Faculty members do more than excel in the classroom; they become mentors and often lifelong friends. They’re also in the stands at basketball games and attending potluck picnics and club events. This means they get to know students as individuals, and actively participate in their growth and success.

The Character of an Education
At GMC, service learning is a key component of the academic experience. For a sustainability study, a geography class honed their GPS skills mapping the miles GMC faculty, staff and students commute. Members of the InterCultural Club hosted diversity assemblies at a local high school. An art class created ceramic bowls to auction for a local food shelf benefit. A GMC education emphasizes hands-on learning: Increasing skills and making connections through giving back to the community.

Just the Beginning
From environmental law, business and agriculture to arts education, medicine and more, GMC alumni go on to pursue a wide range of careers that make a difference in the world. Employers seek out GMC grads for their depth of knowledge, their creative problem solving skills, and their sophisticated understanding of how systems work. Our students enter life after college as informed citizens who understand the value of community and the importance of strong relationships.

“Professors at GMC are excellent. Aside from their degrees and credentials, they all have an interest in being at the college. Outside of class you'll run into professors in the dining hall, in town, on the slopes, or advising the Rugby team, Ultimate Frisbee Club, or many others. -- Michael Rothmeyer '02

“Whatever I do, I’ll keep getting involved. If I had to name one thing that GMC taught me, that would be it. -- Beth Clarke '07
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