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A Green Mountain education is defined by an innovative mission, engaging faculty, stimulating classes, and, of course, by the limitless learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom. As a member of our residential campus, your experience here is as likely to be defined by the people you meet and conversations over coffee as it is by exams or papers. This is the intellectual, physical, and spiritual nourishment that only a liberal arts college can provide.

Green Mountain College students bring a spirit of adventure and a hunger for new experiences. As a student, you can expect to grow and challenge yourself in many new ways.

In 2011, GMC took the initiative to move the print version of the undergraduate catalog online, saving over 5 tons of paper in the process. Here, students can find information, courses, and descriptions related to their area of study, as well as view the College's academic policies, resources, opportunities, financial aid, and admissions processes from anywhere at any time.

2014-15 CATALOG

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